Thursday, May 20, 2010 Egyptian blogger exposes police brutality against protesters fighting unfair land confiscation

A picture of an empty tear gas shells
photo by kareem el-behirey


Karim Al-Behairi, Egyptian blogger and editor of the Egyptworker blog, has published pictures showing the bullets used by the Egyptian police against protesters in the villages of Jazeerat Mohamad and Tanash in the Al Jeeza province.

Al-Behairi described how the Egyptian police used violence and tear gas in order to disperse the 3000 protesters who gathered on Friday protesting a decision by Ahmad Nazif, the Egyptian prime minister, that will lead to the confiscation of farming land from the inhabitants of the village of Jazeerat Mohamad and other villages in the Al Jeeza province. The villagers regard the official excuse – that the land is being confiscated in order to be redistricted to another province – as a pretext. They see the main reason behind the confiscation to be the government’s desire to construct tourism facilities, according to Al-Buhairi.

The security forces closed the road where the people were protesting, and also closed many of the houses and broke into three homes. Some of the inhabitants have suffocated due to the gas bombs that have been used by the security and it is as yet uncertain whether there have been any deaths.

Al-behiri has published a video showing the smoke that was caused by the shooting, and he published directions to the protest for those who want to attend and support the protesters.

Al-behiri was arrested on April 6, 2008 for participating in a protest in Al Mahla city where thousands of workers went on a general strike. He was held in Borg al-Arab prison where he was tortured by beating, received electric shocks and was denied food and drink. He was released from prison in June of 2008.

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