Thursday, January 8, 2009

Demand that Israel immediately stops its bloody campaign in Gaza

اضغط على الصورة لدعم غزة: اضغط هنا

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اضغط على الصورة للتوقيع من أجل وقف الحرب على غزة

To: The Prime Minister and all Members of Parliament

We, the undersigned, express our utmost concern and condemnation of the current Israeli massacre of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The barbaric attack which Israel has launched on Gaza has seen the loss of hundreds of innocent lives and whilst the numbers of dead and injured escalates, there seems no end in sight to this unjust attack, with Israeli officials suggesting that this is only the beginning.

These attacks against innocent Palestinian civilians are yet another example of Israel's blatant disregard of international laws and the response from the international community has been overwhelmingly silent. The images which have made their way on to our screens will inevitably send shockwaves throughout the entire world and will create further hostility towards Israel and those who support such horrific actions.

In light of the above, and with the actions of Israel amounting to war crimes by international law, we call upon the Prime Minister and all Members of Parliament to demand that Israel immediately stops its bloody campaign in the Palestinian territories in general and the Gaza Strip in particular. We urge you to condemn such barbarity and put pressure upon the Israeli government to allow vital humanitarian aid to reach the impoverished Gazan population.

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