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البروشور الخاص باللجنة الشعبية لدعم الشعب الفلسطينى

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Facts and numbers
As the savage attack on the Gaza strip was taking place, the media machine of the occupation army, with the absolute approval of Arab and International governments, worked on falsifying news of the situation of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
We will try, in brief points, to stress the facts about the conditions in Gaza that have been ignored or understated
- Since the beginning of the aggression, 1350 have been killed, 250 went missing and more than 5300 were injured.
- Destruction in the Gaza strip is so immense and so wide spread that deciding on a starting point to remove the rabble is very difficult. More than 20,000 residential and governmental buildings were destroyed, including 4000 houses, 1500 factories and workshops, 20 mosques, 31 security centers in addition to 10 water and sewage pipelines and 1100 tunnels.
- The financial losses in Gaza have reached 1.9 billion US dollars.
- Although the occupying forces have declared that their goal is to destroy Hammas, only 48 members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ fighters were killed
- The occupying army used internationally banned weapons in bombing heavily populated areas which makes them war criminals according to amnesty international.
- The occupying forces targeted many UN affiliated organizations including at least four schools run by the UNRWA, in which thousands of people took refuge after their houses were destroyed.
- The occupying forces did not spare relief or supplies vehicles.
- The Egyptian forces closed down the Rafah boarder point to travelers, food items and necessary blankets and covers
- They only allowed the passage of the injured and medical relief supplies

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The blog of the Popular Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People
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اللجنة الشعبية المصرية لدعم الشعب الفلسطيني
اللجنة الشعبية لدعم الشعب الفلسطيني
The temporary headquarters
(1 Souq el Tawfiqia St., 5th floor- Downtown)
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The Popular Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People
The Popular Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People started with the onset of the second Palestinian uprising in autumn of 2000, as an intuitive by a group of left wing activists. it aimed at expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and their brave uprising. The committee attempted to mobilize support for the uprising through various activities such as collecting donations in popular areas and different governorates and through participating in demonstrations and aid convoys. The particular point in time during which the committee appeared played a large role in its success in attracting a large number of youth and activists who participated in its activities. Subsequently when the political situation changed, the activities of the committee dwindled only to be revived again with every new surge of activities in the occupied territories to reconfirm every time, its rejection of Zionism and its practices against Palestinians. It also ascertains the Egyptian people’s position in support of the Palestinian people, a position far apart from the disgraceful positions of politicians.
A new revival of the committee came about with the latest Zionist aggression, with a wider youth participation under the name “The Popular Egyptian Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People”. It strives to present all kinds of financial and political support to the Palestinian people in their new catastrophe.

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The Resistance needs your support
The barbaric attack on the Gaza Strip began on December 27th 2008 and Palestinian blood continued to spilt for 23 days among horrific Arab and international silence. The Egyptian Popular Committee for the Support of the Palestinian people has announced its absolute condemnation of the Israeli attack on Gaza and its absolute rejection of all the allegations that equate the victom to the aggressor. The equating of any resistance movment shooting Katiousha missiles in an attempt to save its rights from being completely lost to a world that does not care, to the military machine of the occupation that aims at breaking he resistance and crushing its soul.
The war did not end with the cease fire and the silent guns in Gaza. The use of internationally banned weapons such as phosphorous and cluster bombs has left a human catastrophe from which, each house in Gaza will suffer.
The resilient people of Gaza are still suffering in the grip of a siege that has been ongoing for the past three years and which caused the death of 800 people. 1300 more people were killed in the last war, only to prove that the policy of genocide and collective punishment either through siege or war, is the standard. The difference between them is in the death rates alone.
The occupation is still dodging and swindeling in regards breaking the siege. At the time of the publication of this brochure, Israeli officials have tied the breaking of the siege to the release of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit which means that the Israeli occupation is equating the life of one soldier to the life of a whole people including the children and the ill. Moreover it shows a blatant boldness in imposing conditions instead of any mere attempt at justifying their war crimes. These conditions, as we now, will not stop except with the complete rejection of the Palestinians’ right to resistance and all legitimate Palestinian demands in their entirety.

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Our Demands
-The permanent opening of the Rafah boarder point to personale, commodities and journalists as is the case with any other country, and in both direction, and not only for the injured and pilgrims.
- Removing all restrictions on the movement of Egyptians wishing to express their solidarity with the Palestinian People which should include seizing to disperse solidarity demonstrations and arresting demonstrators. Authorities should also stop preventing solidarity convoys from reaching Arish and stop preventing relief convoys and Egyptian doctors from reaching the Gaza Strip.
Past Activities of the Committee
Relief Convoys
The Popular Egyptian Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People as collected and delivered to Gaza, to convoys of medical relief materials in the past few weeks. The first of these convoys reached the Palestinian part of the boarder on January 6, 2009 and was valued at 78000 Egyptian Pounds. The second reached the Palestinian boarder on January 14, 2009 and was valued at 250 000 Egyptian Pounds. The Committee is working on a third convoy to be ready to leave for Gaza on January 26th at the most.
The committee also provides a list of the most needed medicines and medical equipment and publishes it regularly on its website. The committee with continue to send convoys of medical and other relief materials including food and clothes, until the siege on Gaza lifted.
The Committee for the Care of the Wounded
The committee assigned a group to care for the wounded from Gaza who are under treatment in Egyptian hospitals. They organize regular visits to them and work on providing them with all their daily needs. This group has visited the wounded in the following hospitals: Mahad Nasser Hospital, Red Cresent Hospital, Palestine Hospital, Helmia Military Hospital, Al Salam Public Hospital, Shiekh Zayed Hospital, National Bank Integrated Care Hospital, Zaitoun Hospital and Ismailia Hospital.
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The group provides a detailed list of the wounded that includes their names, conditions and locations, that is updated twice a week and is published on the Committee’s blog, to make it available for the largest number of people who wish to express solidarity with them. They have also provided a list of mobile phone numbers to the wounded so that people can call them and express solidarity with them and so that they could talk to their families in the Gaza trip. This group will continue with their work especially as the numbers of patients and wounded individuals coming from the Gaza Strip is increasing.
The Convoy of activists
The Committee has organized a human convoy of more than 100 people that started from in front of the press syndicate on Friday January 9, that attempted to reach the Egyptian side of Rafah to demand that the boarder point should be opened. Attempts to stop the convoy were made by authorities at each check point – Ismailia gate, before Al Salam bridge, Kantara, Balouza, Bir El Abd- and as the convoy reached Arish, central security forces waiting for it and prevented it completely from moving forward.
Solidarity demonstrations
The Committee organized and participated in several sit ins and demonstarttions in solidarity with the Palestinian people, among which are the following
1- A demonstration in front of the Arab League on December 31, 2008 demanding a strong Arab stand against the crimes being commited against the People of Gaza. It was dispersed and the demonstrations were arrested for a few hours.
2- A women’s demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy and at the Nahdet Misr statue on Friday January 16 demanding the closure of the embassy and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.
3- An unannounced demonstration in Maadi, near Dar El Salam, to object to the attack on Gaza and demand the opening of the boarder point. 50 activists started it and 200 of the local residents joined in.
A French delegation to break the siege
The Committee participated in sending a French delegation, who came to Egypt with the intention of entering Gaza to break the siege. The delegation consisted of 11 people among whom, were nurses, doctors, lawyers, journalists and documentary film makers. The delegation left Arish to Gaza on January 19 and entered Gaza the following day.

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